We drive your business!

Since 2004 our transport activity has been expanding throughout Europe.

Dedicated to the transport of goods by road


Founded on 07/20/2004, our activity is mainly road transport.

The company is the result of its founders dream, Francisco and Cristina Silva. The name comes from their owners the name FRA TINA.

From the initial project with 5 general cargo transportation trucks, we quickly affirmed ourselfes in the transportation market, always striving for the complete satisfaction of our customers and at the same time a solid and sustainable growth within the sector in which we’re inserted.


The years 2008 and 2009 were the most difficult to overcome due to the crisis that has hit the European economy, affecting substantially the transport market.

After this period, we have always recorded a gradual, continuous and sustainable growth.

In 2016 with a new bet and significant growth of its team and car fleet, it was the greatest growth until then.


Identify the different realities and customer’s needs, to jointly analyze and propose the most appropriate solution, thus obtaining a service of excellence.


To be a reference in the sector of road transport contributing to the progress and global economic growth.


Our values lie; in the professionalism, transparency, seriousness and excellence of the service provided, social, moral and economic ethics, and the balance between ambition and sustainability.


The automobile industry represents almost 80% of the transportation service, the remainder being the general merchandise / dangerous goods – ADR.


  • Conventional transport
  • Multimodal transport
  • Warehouse with capacity of 890 m2
  • Distribution / collection
  • About 80% of the fleet is ready for express service – Double crew
  • Dedicated express service

Our Fleet

Mega Semi-trailers
Standard semi-trailers
Mini TIR 740X250X200 / 5,200kg payload
Light vehicles 480X220X220 / 1,460kg payload

All semi-trailers comply with European standards: XL 12642 + Multi-lock system + Stop-bar, antitheft, TIR cable, 30 500 DAN belts, Angles, anti-slip, etc.
The entire fleet is equipped with GPS System, which can be available to all customers.

Geographic Range

Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Scandinavia, Austria, Italy, and other European countries.


Environmental and Ecological Concern

The environmental and ecological issues is a matter of significant relevance to Transfratina.
How the transport activity has a significant environmental footprint, our concern is for an environmental “economy” to minimize the impact on the environment.
This concept of environmental economics, combines three aspects; Personal and social well-being, a conscious use of natural resources and, finally, the reduction of the ecological footprint.
Although it is already an old concept, the Transfratina is adept of the politics of the 3 R’s; To reduce, to reuse and to recycle

Addressing this important issue, Transfratina has its main measures:

The entire fleet complies with the latest Euro 6 ecological standard. The average age is less than 3 years.
In the acquisition of the car fleet we seek to be the most appropriate to the needs, but also the one that most respects the environmental issues; fuel consumption, reuse / recycling of its components.
This attitude is reflected in all internal and external Transfratina activities / processes.